Full Circle Estate & Tag Sale Services LLC 

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Why You Should Choose Full Circle Estate & Tag Sale Services LLC

Important points about our all-inclusive estate sale and tag sale support:

 1.     All equipment and personnel necessary to conduct an estate or tag sale is supplied by the Full Circle Estate
         & Tag Sale Services LLC. 
 2.     Your items for sale are researched and evaluated to determine current market value. These items are then                priced and attractively displayed.
 3.     Your estate or tag sale is advertised and promoted on all the popular media venues; e.g., the internet, local               newspapers, and our extensive email list of customers.    
 4.     In addition, we display signs throughout your local area to direct customers to your estate or tag sale.  
         Later, we remove these signs when the sale is over. 
 5.     Your estate or tag sale is managed and conducted by the company's proprietor, Cynthia Illicete-Burns, from               beginning to end. Our policy is to focus on your estate or tag sale only, we do not cram 2 to 3 different sales               into a weekend.

Our services are also personalized to your needs:

 We discuss at length with full disclosure the process of conducting your estate or tag sale.

We prepare a draft of the estate or tag sale's newspaper advertisement for your approval.

We work on a flexible commission basis.

We are available to assist you before, during, and after the estate or tag sale.

We work alongside Senior Move Managers and Professional Organizers.

We coordinate additional sale services for you; e.g., auctions or other specialized retail venue.

Clean-Out & Junk Removal Services

The Full Circle Estate & Tag Sale Services LLC will assist you with our reputable clean-out & junk removal service to thoroughly clear out and prepare your house for closing.