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Helpful Answers to a Few of Your Questions:

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Is a tag sale right for me?
If you are looking to sell off as much as you can in a home or estate within a specific time frame, then a tag sale will make it happen.  Tag sale buyers look for all sorts of things, from antiques and collectibles to furniture and lawnmowers.  Even common household items are sold so be sure not to throw anything away.  We recommend that you complete our "Contact Us" page for an accurate assessment of your tag sale needs.
What type of household items do customers look to buy?
The majority of customers that attend estate and tag sales are dealers, pickers, casual browsers, and bargain hunters.  In order for us to generate cash sales, we recommend to our clients to include in their tag sale desirable items; such as, gold jewelry, sterling silver service pieces, military-related items, antiques and vintage collectibles, musical instruments, coins, fine art/oil paintings, sportsman equipment, as well as other items.
When should I schedule a tag sale?
We suggest at least 2 to 6 weeks advance notice prior to your preferred tag sale date.  The more preparation required to set-up a sale, the more time is needed.
What happens to leftover items?
If after the tag sale you are left with unwanted items, we can offer you a clean-out service to remove the remainder for an additional fee.  We will also assist you with donations to local charities that have a pick-up service.
What is your company's service fee?
Our service fee is structured on a commission basis.  You will not incur any "out-of-pocket" cost when using our service.  The cost of conducting the tag sale (and if a clean-out is needed) will be deducted from the revenue generated from the tag sale.


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